Why Jesus Is God, And Others Are Not

Is there evidence to conclude that Jesus is God and all others are not? You might be surprised to learn that we have the capacity today to prove that everything written about Jesus in the New Testament is accurate and reliable.

In recent years, a new group of Liberal Theologians have written books asserting that eighty-five percent of the things attributed to Jesus in the New Testament, He never said or did. These men and women argue that Jesus never claimed to be God, nor did He have the capacity to perform miracles.

When we investigate the evidence for ourselves we find just the opposite.

We discover that people sometimes have agendas. They write their words from a particular view with an intended purpose. We find out that before these books were written, people had already decided that God does not exist and therefore, miracles are not possible. It was for this reason that these men and women determined that what is written about Jesus cannot be true.

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Some people have the idea that a person who has achieved a Ph.D. is a reliable source for true and accurate information. Most of us understands that people can make just about anything sound true, though the facts say something completely different.

The truth is, the evidence to support that Jesus is God and the things written about Him in the New Testament are true is overwhelming.

Why Is Jesus God And All Others, Not?

Quite simply, because the empirical evidence which has survived time and decay proves He is God.

You might be surprised by this statement. There are many people in the world today who believe there is no evidence to support the idea that God exists.

To the contrary, there exists a massive number of evidentiary proofs which fully validate Jesus as God—superior to all other gods. I have written  twenty-four books about this evidence, three of which are between 3-4,000 pages.

Let me be clear at the onset that the entire purpose for Jesus coming into the world was to prove that God exists. He ensured that we would be able to make this conclusion by leaving us with empirical facts to support our faith.

If we think that the New Testament is not reliable because it is of such great age and has been copied so many times that the words within are corrupted, we are misinformed.

If we believe the writers of the New Testament embellished their stories about Jesus or that He did not say or do the things written about Him, we are in error.

Writers like myself, who have spent their lives investigating the evidence which validates the authenticity of the New Testament, are certain the narratives about Jesus are true and reliable because the evidence supports this conclusion. This book is the result of my 43 years of research, writing, lecturing, and publishing evidence for the historical validity of Jesus in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

This book presents facts that most people have never heard or considered. This work was written for the purpose of giving you an intellectual, evidence-based reason to believe that Jesus is singular and transcendent above all others.

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