A Shepherd’s View of the 23rd Psalm in ONE 12 Hour MP3 Study

The 23rd Psalm MP3 Audio Commentary by Rob Robinson

23rd_psalm_coverDavid, the writer of the 23rd Psalm, began life as a shepherd. When the Lord found him, he was high in the mountains tending his father’s sheep. He was well aquatinted with the care, feeding and calamities that sheep get themselves into.

Jesus lovingly called those who follow Him, “His Sheep”, and He also understands the proper care that sheep need, because after all, they are “The dumbest of all the farm animals”.

We can get ourselves into the worst of situations, but our Shepherd always knows how to rescue us and set us back on the right path again. As this study in the 23rd Psalm details, Jesus always cares for us, in a firm but gentle way.

When David describes the Shepherd of the 23rd Psalm, he is speaking of the kind and gentle care that Jesus our Chief Shepherd, carries out in the life of those who believe in Him. Jesus knows how to lead us, to refresh us, to cause us to lie down in peace in green pastures when the world all around us is in turmoil. When we sin, our Shepherd knows how to restore our soul, and when we wander off, He is able to firmly yet gently bring us back to the sheepfold.

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A Shepherd’s View of the 23rd Psalm in ONE 12 Hour Study
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This 12 hour study in the 6 verses of the 23rd Psalm will deepen your understanding of Jesus care for you as your Shepherd, and the processes that He must take us through to get us from the valleys, into the green fields of the high country where we can find rest.

Join Rob as he carefully details every word of the 23rd Psalm, explaining the significance of these amazing verses and their application to your life. This study will bring new meaning and insight into your life as you realize that all of the things the Lord is moving you through on a daily basis, have an ultimate purpose to bless your life

For th past 41 years, Rob has been a Bible teacher and author of more than 2,000 hours of audio commentary, and 21 books on the entire Bible. Rob is a Pastor, Christian author, and Bible Teacher and has taught in both the United States and Europe .

You will hear the 23rd Psalm explained line by line, verse by verese and be able to inderstand what is being said, and how to apply it to your own life.

Study the 23rd Psalm in an easy to understand audio commentary format. Every Thought and Idea that is communicated in the 12 chapters of this study are explained in detail and application is given for your own life.