A Study For The Church Of The Last Days in ONE 8 Hour MP3 Study

In The Last Days, Those Who Follow Jesus; Will Experience A Time of Great Difficulty

Paul wrote that in the Last Days “Perilous Times” would come. He was speaking of the fact that in the final days just before the Lord returns, those who have claimed to follow Jesus Christ would undergo a Crisis of their faith.

Are you experiencing difficulties in these present days? Has the current financial crisis caused your spiritual life to be tested? Have you experienced persecution for simply believing in Jesus and the Bible? Jesus said that this would happen to those who were alive, just before He returned.

In this 8 hour MP3 study in the Book of 1 Peter, Rob takes you step by step through eight studies detailing how and why the church in the last days will find that suffering is a necessary part of their preparation for Jesus return.

The Book of Hebrews describes the reality the although Jesus is the Son of God, He learned obedience by the things that He suffered. Before the judgment of the great 7 year Tribulation begins, the church will undergo her own refining moment, as “Judgment begins at the house of God“.

For th past 41 years, Rob Robinson has been a Bible teacher and Author of more than 2,000 hours of audio commentary and 21 books on the entire Bible. Rob has taught the Bible in both the United States and Europe. In this MP3 study, you will hear each chapter explained line by line, verse by verese and be able to inderstand what is being said, and how to apply it to your own life.

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This study is designed to bless and encourage your heart as you struggle with many difficulties in these last days before Jesus returns for His church.

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“Be Holy For I AM Holy”, 1 Peter Chapter 1 Part 2
“Standing on or Stumbling Over the Chief Cornerstone”, 1 Peter Chapter 2
“To This You Were Called”, 1 Peter Chapter 2 Part 2
“An Arm and a Leg”, 1 Peter Chapter 3 Part 1
“When God’s Patience Run’s Out”, 1 Peter Chapter 3 Part 2
“Judgment Begins at the House of God”, 1 Peter Chapter 4
“A Shepherd’s Heart, A Shepherd’s Reward”, 1 Peter Chapter 5

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