Bible Prophecy And The Last Days On One 23 Hour MP3 Audio Study

24 Chapters Concerning The Important Facts of the Last Days, by Rob Robinson

prophecy_coverTake an in-depth Look at the Prophecies of the Last Days and the Return of Jesus Christ to the Earth.

Today, the world faces the most perilous times that man has experienced on the face of the earth. Nations are in turmoil. Cities are filled with evil and violence. People are frightened concerning the events that are taking place all over the world.

In the midst of all the uncertainty, the Bible stands alone as a source of wisdom, comfort, and revelation. All of the events that have taken place during the past 2,000 years, were predicted in the pages of the Old Testament Scriptures. From the day of Jesus appearance on the earth, until the rebirth of Israel as a nation once again; every word that God has spoken concerning the Last Days, has taken place—precisely.

  • What does the Bible say about the “Last Days”?
  • Will Jesus Christ return to remove His Church from the earth?
  • When will the Battle of Armageddon take place?
  • Who is the antichrist, how will he take control of the whole world?
  • What is the Rapture, and when will it happen?
  • What is “the Great Tribulation Period? Will two-thirds of the people on the earth really die duriing the last 7 years of the earth?

Would you like to be able to understand the Book of Revelation and the other Prophetic events of the “Last Days”?

  • For the past 41 years, Pastor Rob Robinson has been a Bible Teacher and Author of over 2,000 hours of Commentary and 21 books on the Entire Bible.
  • He has taught the complete Book of Revelation more than 15 times before live audiences in both the United States and Europe.
  • In this 23 hour MP3 Audio study, you will examine the Books of Revelation, Daniel, and other Prophetic verses of the Bible, line by line, verse by verse.
  • Rob’s teaching style is very coversational and easy to understand. You will learn Bible Prophecy and be able to apply their meaning to your own life.
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23 Hours in ONE MP3 Audio Bible Commentary

Bible Prophecy and the Last Days in ONE 23 Hour Study
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Signs In The Heavens
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“When Will these Things Be?”
“Signs In The Heavens”
“The Feast of Trumpets, and The Rapture”
“Attack On Israel”
“When You See All These Things”
“Let My Outcasts Dwell With You”
“Rosh Hashanah and The Rapture”
“Come Up Here” (The Rapture)
“The Tribulation Begins”
“Measure The Temple”
“The Battle of Armageddon”
“What Does It Mean?”, A Response to September 11
“Reorganizing Our Priorities”, A Response To September 11
“A Wake Up Call For America”
“A Prophetic Look At Israel”
“All This I Have Built” (The Book of Daniel)
“Unless Those Days Were Shortened”
“The Rapture” (1 Thessalonians Chapter 4)
“LIke A Thief In The Night” (1 Thessalonians Chapter 5)
“The Most Important Prophecy In The Bible” (Daniel 9)
“The Prophecy of Jacob’s Sons” (Hebrews 11)
“The Gap Theory” (A Survey of Genesis)
“Watch”, A Prophetic Look at Matthew Chapter 24
“What Is Going To Happen Next?”

Listen in amazement as the Important Prophetic Scriptures dealing with the Last Days are explained in detail and their application is given to your own personal life.

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