Fundamentals For Jesus Church In ONE 6 Hour MP3 Study

An Study in the Incredible Facts of the Christian Faith, by Rob Robinson

fundamentals_jesus-church01The Church that Jesus birthed by His death and resurrection, was intended by Him, as the visible representation of His love and faithfulness to every believer. As Jesus vividly described the incredible unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, He also intended that ever person who believes in Him, should seek and endeavor to achieve; unity with all other believers.

In order to achieve unity, the Bible has given us certain fundamentals that are necessary. It is through the words, precepts, and truths of Jesus words and the writers of the New Testament; that we acquire these fundamentals.

The following is a sample of the subjects covered in this 8 Hour MP3 Study:

  • What is your calling as a believer in Jesus Christ?
  • How do you balance your free will with God’s will?
  • What is the purpose of your life?
  • Is the Bible really the Word of God, How do we know if it is relaible and can be trusted since it was written by men?
  • What will be the earth be like just before Jesus returns? How will we know when He is about to return?
  • Will the Lord really melt the heavens and the earth with a fervent heat and re-create a new heavens and earth?
  • What does science and archeology have to do with proving that the Bible is the Word of God?
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In this study, you will learn that a recently discovered land bridge in the Red Sea, just 325 feet below the surface, contains the remains of thousands of human and horse skeletons, as well as hundred of chariot wheels, all intermingled together.

Fundamentals for Jesus Church on ONE 6 Hour Study
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The depth of the Red Sea on either side of this land bridge is 3,000 feet deep, on one side, and 5,000 feet deep on the other side. Did the Lord place this land bridge here, knowing that with a strong wind He could open up the waters and allow the 2 million Israelites to cross the sea here when they were being pursued by the entire Egyptian army?

  • The amazing discovery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ hidden in the geneology of Adam.
  • What would be the odds that one person in all of human history would come and fulfill all 400 of the Old Testament prophecies regarding the coming of the Messiah in perfect detail? The answer to this question will astound you (see The Messianic Prophecy Bible).
  • The 13 things that Moses wrote about in the Old Testament that were impossible for him to know.
  • The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the best documented event in all of human history.
  • What is the real difference between Christianity and other religions such as Mormonism, Jehovah’s witnesses, Buddism and Islam?
  • What is the Biblical definition of a true prophet?
  • Did the angels who fell from heaven, intermarry with human women to create a race of Giants?
  • Does Christianity belong in the United States government?
  • The great Tribulation period in which two-thirds of the people living on the earth will perish in just three and one-half years.
  • Proof from the Old Testament that the Chruch will not go through the 7 year Tribulation period.

This study is taught by Rob Robinson, Pastor, Author, and Bible Teacher of over 2,000 hours of audio commentary  and 21 books on the Bible,

You will learn facts about your Bible that most people never learn in a conventional church service. Rob brings together science, archeology, geology and the Bible to build your faith in the Word of God and His ability to work mightily in your life.

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