Living A Purposeful Life in ONE 20 Hour MP3 Audio Study

Gaining A Healthy Perspective On The Reasons For Our Existence

purposeful_life_coverWhy are you here on the earth? Is it to gain material wealth? Is it to enjoy all the pleasures of life; to have fun and to be happy? Those who have chased after these things will tell you that they do not satisfy the longing of the human heart. We were made for a purpose, when we live our life in that purpose, we find that the deepest recesses of our inner-most-being are filled and we are truly satisfied.

In this 20 hour MP3 Audio Study, Rob takes you through the Biblical road map for true and lasting happiness.

Paul wrote that the things that were written before, were for our learning. The examples of men and women in the Bible who were called great people of faith, often struggled with their true purpose in life. These men and women of faith often stumbled and fell, they had moments of doubts and fears. What was it that separated these amazing men and women from the rest?

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If you truly want to fulfill the complete purpose for your life and find the will of God in your day to day activities, this mp3 audio study will help you achieve these lofty goals. These 20 Sessions are recorded before a live congregation. They are taken from a verse by verse study through the books of the Bible. You will laugh, you will weep, you will be challenged to dig deeper and go farther in you Christian life than ever before.

Living A Purposeful Life in ONE 20 Hour Study
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Living A Purposeful Life
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For th past 41 years, Rob Robinson has been a Bible teacher and author of more than 2,000 hours of audio commentary and 21 books on the entire Bible. Rob is a Pastor, Christian author, and Bible Teacher and has taught in both the United States and Europe .

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