The Book of Daniel in ONE 19 Hour MP3 Study

The Book of Daniel MP3 Audio Commentary by Rob Robinson and Chuck Missler

Daniel_coverHave you read the Book of Daniel and found that it was difficult to understand?

The Book of Daniel is the key to understanding all other Bible Prophecy.

In chapter 9, the Angel Gabriel gives Daniel the amazing prediction of the exact day that Jesus would come to Jerusalem as the Messiah. On April 6th, 32 a.d., Jesus literally fulfilled Daniels prophecy to the very day!

Jesus condemned the Scribes and Pharisees because they “Did not recognize the day of their visitation“. The leaders of Israel should have been expecting the Messiah, if they had read the Book of Daniel.

The Book of Daniel confirms that the seven year Tribulation is not directed at Jesus Church but is focused primarily on the nation of Israel. This is stunning proof that the church will not be present during the Tribulation period, and will be removed from the earth before it begins. Daniel reveals that there will be eight world-wide kingdoms on the earth over the course of history, the exact number that is verified by the historical record.

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Study the Book of Daniel line by line, verse by verse. Every thought and idea that is communicated in the 12 chapters of Daniel is explained in detail and application is given to your own life for each text.

The Book of Daniel in ONE 19 Hour Study
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Learn why Bible skeptics have stated that the Book of Daniel could not have been written before the events happened because it is so detailed and accurate in the predictions that are made. You will discover why these skeptics are wrong, and how it is very easy to prove from history that the Book of Daniel was written far before these events took place.

You will learn this important work of Prophecy line by line, verse by verse, every thought and idea in the 12 chapters of Daniel are communicated in easy to understand, conversational teaching. Rob Robinson is a Bible teacher, lecturer and author of 2,00 hours of MP3 audio commentary, and 21 books. He has taught Bible Prophecy in the United states and Europe over the past 41 years.

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