The Purpose of Suffering and Trials: One 23 Hour MP3 Audio Download

The Purpose of Suffering and Trials, by Rob Robinson

trials_coverWhat is the purpose of suffering and trials? If the Lord really does love us, then why does He allow us to suffer so many times in our life? Are trials punishment for the things that we have done, or are they a perimissive act of a loving Father?

This 23 hour study is based upon the life of Job and explores and answers the really tough questions that all of us have asked about life and the things that happen to us. If you, or someone that you know, has suffered through a very difficult time during their life, you will find encouragement and answers to many questions.

  • Why am I suffering right now?
  • Am I being Punished?
  • What is the real purpose of my life?
  • Why does a God of Love permit so much suffering?
  • Why did I lose someone that I love?
  • What is the Lord seeking to accomplish through my suffering?
  • Does satan really study me to gain knowledge of my weaknesses?

Would you like to be able to understand the purpose for those times of difficulty in your life?

  • How trials can show us the real reasons that we serve the Lord.
  • What we are supposed to do when we are suffering and going through difficult times in our life.
  • Is God responsible for all of the terrible things that happen in the world, such as floods, earthquakes, the abduction of children, and the finanacila ruin of many?
  • Why did the Lord take my loved one from me?
  • Will I ever see my loved one again?
  • Is my faith weak because I have doubts?

All of us go through things that cause us to pause and take inventory of our life.

  • When soneon that you love dies.
  • When we go through a divorce.
  • When a close friend betrays us.
  • When you are diagnosed with cancer or other life threatening disease.
  • When you lose your job.
  • When your 401K suddenly becomes a 104K.
  • When you are hurt by your church or Christian friend.
  • When you are confronted with your own shortcomings, fears, doubts and inadequacies.

For the past 41 years, Rob has been a Bible teacher and author of over 2,000 hours of audio commentary and 21 books on the Bible. Rob suffered the loss of his home and everything he owned in a wildfire, the loss of a 5 million dollar company, the death of his wife, and the imminent loss of his own life on two occasions, separated by 53 years..

Rob’s teaching style is very coversational and easy to understand. You will learn what the Bible has to say about suffering and trials and be able to apply their meaning to your own life.

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The Purpose of Suffering and Trials in ONE 24 Hour Study
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What Is The Purpose of My Life?
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“The Purpose of Trials”
“Let It Happen”
“What Is The Purpose Of My Life?”
“He Bruises, But He Binds Up”
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”
“He Will Sustain You”
“Don’t Focus On The Small Things”
“Is The Lord Fair”
“No Words To Describe His Love”
“Many Are The Afflictions of the Righteous”
“The Lord Is My Defender”
“You Are Not In Control of Anything”
“Though He Slay Me, Yet Will I Trust Him”
“What Did You Expect?”
“A Defeated Enemy”
“How Small A Whisper We Hear of Him”
“What the Heart Feels, The Eye Sees”
“Sweet and Sour”
“Elihu The Wind Bag Finishes”
“Where Were You When I Framed the Earth?”
“The Gospel In The Stars”
“What May Be Known Of God”
“I know That You Can Do Everything”

There are numerous questions that your heart will ask, concerning your suffering, losses, disscoragements, hurts and failures; as you go through your life. Many of these crucial questions are answered in this single 24 hour study on the Life of Job.

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