A Study For The Church of the Last Days

Jesus said: “When the Son of Man Returns, will He even find faith?”


Paul described the last days as “Perilous Times” when those who claim to believe in Jesus will begin to emulate the behavior of the world. Just prior to the return of the Lord for His church, there will be a massive departure of faith by those who will continue to trust in Jesus and eagerly wait for His return.

Today, we see the fulfillment of these words in the lives and churches of Christians all over the world. People who once relied upon the Bible as their source of direction, wisdom, and guidance, now seek the world for their advice and enlightenment.

People who still believe in the basic tenets of the scripture and uphold marriage between a man and a woman, protection of the unborn, and opposition to perversion and redefining of gender, are ridiculed, labeled as narrow minded, bigoted, and phobic. Has God changed His view regarding the manner in which we should live our lives, or is it human society that has changed and digressed from the glorious ideals that define us as a creation made in the image of God?

8 Studies in Mp3 Audio

[box] In this 8 hour study in the Book of 1 Peter, Rob takes you step by step through eight studies detailing how and why the church in the last days will find that suffering is a necessary part of their preparation for Jesus return.[/box]

Play: “Refined In the Fire” by Rob Robinson
Refined In the Fire

Play: “Be Holy For I Am Holy” by Rob Robinson
Be Holy For I Am Holy 

Play: “The Chief Cornerstone” by Rob Robinson
The Chief Cornerstone 

Play: “To This You Were Called” by Rob Robinson
To This You Were Called 

Play: “An Arm and a Leg” by Rob Robinson
An Arm and a Leg 

Play: “When God’s Patience Run’s Out” by Rob Robinson
When God’s Patience Run’s Out 

Play: “Judgement Begins at the House of God” by Rob Robinson
Judgement Begins at the House of God

Play: “A Shepherd’s Heart, A Shepherd’s Reward”  by Rob Robinson
A Shepherd’s Heart, A Shepherd’s Reward

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