Becoming and Making Disciples

What does it mean to truly follow Jesus Christ?

tw_mp3_bible_study_logoIf you have given your life to Jesus, what comes next?

How can you become grounded in your new faith and stay strong and secure in the Lord?

In this 9 part study, Rob takes you through the steps of becoming a true Disciple of Jesus Christ and how to disciple others.

Whether you have known the Lord for some time or are just starting out, this verse by verse study in the Word of God will encourage and instruct you in how to better follow your Lord and help others to do the same.

[box]Jesus called every person who has believed in Him, to live their life in the same manner as He. It is through the example of our life that we make the greatest impact upon those who observe us.[/box]

9 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: “Preparing the Instrument” by Rob Robinson
Preparing the Instrument 

Play: “The Person God Uses” by Rob Robinson
The Person God Uses  

Play: “When Jesus Becomes Your Life” by Rob Robinson
When Jesus Becomes Your Life 

Play: “Your First Love” by Rob Robinson
Your First Love  

Play: “What a Disciple Does” by Rob Robinson
What a Disciple Does  

Play: “The 4 Soils of the Heart” by Rob Robinson
The 4 Soils of the Heart  

Play: “Why Follow Jesus?, Part 1” by Rob Robinson
Why Follow Jesus?, Part 1 

Play: “Why Follow Jesus?, Part 2” by Rob Robinson
Why Follow Jesus?, Part 2 

Play: “What Jesus Offers” by Rob Robinson
What Jesus Offers 

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