Bible Prophecy and the Last Days

A Look at the Prophecies of the Last Days and the Return of Jesus Christ to the Earth.

tw_mp3_bible_study_logoBeginning on September 11, 2001, a drastic change took place in the United States. For many years prior to this day, our nation and people had slowly been moving away from God and the Bible. When the twin towers collapsed into a heap of dust and ruins, American began to see the visible results of our abandonment of God.

Since that fateful day, our leaders have removed every resemblance of God from government, schools, our judicial system, and all public buildings. Our enemies have gained greater access to our nation; brining terror, death, and destruction to American soil.

All of these events were described by the pages of the Old Testament, when the nation of Israel also forgot God and abandoned the heritage of trust that enabled this nation to exist and prosper for hundreds of years. In similar fashion, the United States has adapted similar policies of exclusion for those who believe in God and desire that God would be first in the hearts and minds of our nation and people. The further that we move from God, the closer we come to our own destruction. Jesus warned Israel that her rejection of Him, would cause their nation to be taken by a foreign enemy and destroy everything that they held dear. Jesus said that because the world will move farther away from God in the last days, eventually every nation and people will enter a time of immense trial; the likes of which the world has never seen before.

What does the Bible say about the “Last Days”? Will Jesus Christ return to remove His Church from the earth? When will the Battle of Armageddon take place? Who is the antichrsit, how will he take control of the whole world?

The Tribulation and Great Tribulation are near, and the return of Jesus is at our very doors. The world is not expecting His return and they care very little for the prophecies of the last days that God has given to us.

  • What is the Rapture, and when will it happen?
  • What is “the Great Tribulation Period?
  • Will two-thirds of the people on the earth really die duriing the last 7 years of the earth?

[box] This 26 part MP3 Audio study in the prophetic events of the last days, describes the events that are written in the pages of the Bible, and how they will affect every person who lives on our planet.[/box]

26 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: “The Coming Peace Plan” by Rob Robinson
The Coming Peace Plan

Play: “The Rapture of the Church” by Rob Robinson
The Rapture of the Church

Play: “A Prophetic Look at Israel” by Rob Robinson
A Prophetic Look at Israel

Play: “911—A Wake Up Call” by Rob Robinson
911—A Wake Up Call

Play: “All This I Have Built” by Rob Robinson
All This I Have Built

Play: “Attack On America” by Rob Robinson
Attack On America

Play: “Come Up Here” byRob Robinson
Come Up Here

Play: “Ezekiel 38 and 39” by Rob Robinson
Ezekiel 38 and 39

Play: “Let My Outcasts Dwell With You” by Rob Robinson
Let My Outcasts Dwell With You

Play: “Like A Thief In The Night” by Rob Robinson
Like A Thief In The Night

Play: “Measure The Temple” by Rob Robinson
Measure The Temple

Play: “The Most Important Prophecy in the Bible” by Rob Robinson
The Most Important Prophecy in the Bible

Play: “Prophecy Update 2006” by Rob Robinson
Prophecy Update 2006

Play: “A Prophetic Study In Matthew Chapter 24” by Rob Robinson
A Prophetic Study In Matthew Chapter 24

Play: “Reorganizing Our Priorities” by Rob Robinson
Reorganizing Our Priorities

Play: “Rosh Hashannah and the Rapture” by Rob Robinson
Rosh Hashannah and the Rapture

Play: “Signs In The Heavens” by Rob Robinson
Signs In The Heavens

Play: “Signs In The Heavens Q and A” by Rob Robinson
Signs In The Heavens Q and A

Play: “The Battle of Armageddon” by Rob Robinson
The Battle of Armageddon

Play: “The Feast of Trumpets and the Rapture” by Rob Robinson
The Feast of Trumpets and the Rapture

Play: “The Gap Theory” by Rob Robinson
The Gap Theory

Play: “The Prophecy of Jacob’s Son’s” by Rob Robinson
The Prophecy of Jacob’s Son’s

Play: “The Tribulation Begins” by Rob Robinson
 The Tribulation Begins

Play: “Unless Those Days Were Shortened” byRob Robinson
Unless Those Days Were Shortened

Play: “When Will These Things Be? Part 1” by Rob Robinson
When Will These Things Be? Part 1

Play: “When Will These Things Be? Part 2” by Rob Robinson
When Will These Things Be? Part 2

Play: “When You See All These Things” by Rob Robinson
When You See All These Things

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