Church History

Lessons From the 7 Churches of Revelation

In this incredible seven part series on Jesus Church, we examine the beginning of Jesus church and the problems and successes that the church has had over the course of the past 2,000 years.

Taught by Chuck Smith, Mike MacIntosh, Greg Laurie, Jeff Johnson, Don Mc Clure, Jon Courson, and Raul Ries.

Based on the Book of Revelation Chapters 2-3

[box]Many people rush through the seven churches of Revelation in their excitement to get to the prophetic parts of this exciting book. Not understanding that the words that Jesus speaks to these seven churches, were not only for the church of that day, but also for Jesus church through every century of history. The lessons learned by these seven studies are of exceptional value to any person who is seeking to become all that Jesus has desired us to be. [/box]

7 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: “The Church at Ephesus” by Chuck Smith
The Church at Ephesus

Play: “The Church at Smyrna” by Raul Ries
The Church at Smyrna

Play: “The Church at Pergamos” by Greg Laurie
The Church at Pergamos

Play: “The Church at Thyatira” by Jon Courson
The Church at Thyatira

Play: “The Church at Sardis” by Don McClure
The Church at Sardis

Play: “The Church at Philadelphia” by Jeff Johnson
The Church at Philadelphia

Play: “The Church at Laodicea” by Mike MacIntosh
The Church at Laodicea

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