Controversial Subjects in the Bible

The Bible is brutally honest, regarding controversy


What is the best way to handle a situation where you and another person disagree on a particular subject? Is it possible to know the correct position regarding anything of controversy?

Is it better to remain silent when these disputes come up rather than giving our opinion and cause a heated debate? The Bible states that as much as depends upon us, we should live at peace with all men. The scriptures also say that we should contend earnestly for the faith. Finding the balance between these two, requires wisdom.

From a Biblical viewpoint, it is always a good idea to confront these controversial subjects directly by investigating their claims and weighing their validity with what the Bible says. When the opportunity presents itself, we should state only what the Bible says and hold our own opinions in check. If the people whom we are talking to give any indication that there may be an argument rather than a constructive conversation, we should withdraw from the controversy, regardless our knowledge or ability to defeat our opponents arguments. Love is always the preeminent goal. Harmony and peace are the primary principle, not whether or not we are right.

[box]This study presents many of the subjects of controversy that Christians must know and be able to discuss with those who question us regarding the hope that we have.[/box]

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