For Men Only

How can you be the spiritual leader in your home when you struggle with sin on a daily basis?

How can you be strong enough to fight against the devil and the flesh, yet meek enough to submit to the correction of the Holy Spirit?

[box]From The Word for Today MP3 CD Collection
12 Studies to Help men today fight their difficult battles.[/box]


Play: “The Cost of Discipleship” by Chuck Smith
The Cost of Discipleship

Play: “Decisions” by Jon Courson

Play: “Do Not Quench the Holy Spirit” by Damien Kyle
Do Not Quench the Holy Spirit

Play: “Is Anyone Thirsty?” by Bob Coy
Is Anyone Thirsty?

Play: “Look Up, Don’t Look Down” by Don McClure
Look Up, Don’t Look Down

Play: “Let’s Go Fishing” by Mike MacIntosh
Let’s Go Fishing

Play: “God’s Plan For Staying Afloat” by Louis Neely
God’s Plan For Staying Afloat

Play: “Final Apostolic Fracas” by Gayle Erwin
Final Apostolic Fracas

Play: “When God Doesn’t Give a Reason” by Sandy Adams
When God Doesn’t Give a Reason

Play: “Being A Living Sacrifice” by Ricky Ryan
Being A Living Sacrifice

Play: “Dare To Do Right” by Steve Mays
Dare to Do Right

Play: “Worship The Lord” by Joe Sabolick
Worship The Lord