For Women Only

The role of a woman in today’s society is extremely difficult. The world tells us that we need to be “liberated”, while the Word of God instructs that we need to submit. Psychology claims to have all the answers for our hurting children, yet they often encourage the use of prescribed medication. Laws abound to protect women’s rights, yet the incidence of rape and violent crime is higher than ever. Where should a woman turn when she faces problems?

These series of messages address the difficult situations women encounter on a daily basis. Messages of hope and encouragement.

Whether you are heartbroken over a prodigal child, devistated by the diagnosis of cancer or you are the survivor of a violent crime, the Word of God has the power to bring healing into your life

[box] From The Word for Today MP3 CD Collection: Please note that these messages are intended for women only and contain some strong subject matter. They are not recomended for young children.[/box]

Play: “Pleasing the Heart of God” by Kay Smith
Pleasing the Heart of God

Play: “Don’t Give Up” by Kay Smith
Don’t Give Up

Play: “The Glad Surrender” by Elisabeth Elliot
The Glad Surrender

Play: “Submission As Unto The Lord” by Sandy MacIntosh
Submission As Unto The Lord

Play: “The Missing Piece” by Lee Exell
The Missing Piece 

Play: “The Trial of Your Faith” by Jean McClure
The Trial of Your Faith

Play: “Walking His Path” by Terry Vella
Walking His Path

Play: “For Lo, the Winter is Past” by Kathleen Pedick
For Lo, the Winter is Past