Fundamentals For Jesus Church

What Is Your Calling As A Believer In Jesus Christ?


How do you balance your free will with God’s will?

What is the purpose of your life?

Is the Bible really the Word of God? How do we know if it is relaible and can be trusted since it was written by men?

The entire basis for Jesus’ church is supposed to be the Bible. Today, many pastors and churches bring current events to the pulpit as the subject matter for their sermons. From the beginning, it was the Word of God that caused the church to grow, understand the gifts that each member possesses, and the global calling that we have as the followers of Jesus. Today, the Body of Christ does not know what the Bible teaches, resulting in lives that are misdirected, empty, and lacking in power.

[box] Join Pastor and Bible teacher, Rob Robinson as He takes you through the systematic study of the word in knowing and appropriating the messages that Jesus has for His church.[/box]

7 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: “Make Your Calling and Election Sure” by Rob Robinson
Make Your Calling and Election Sure

Play: “We Have the Prophetic Word Confirmed” by Rob Robinson
We Have the Prophetic Word Confirmed 

Play: “No Scripture is of Any Private Interpretation” by Rob Robinson
No Scripture is of Any Private Interpretation 

Play: “A Different Jesus” by Rob Robinson
A Different Jesus  

Play: “All These Things Will Be Dissolved” by Rob Robinson
All These Things Will Be Dissolved  

Play: “Unless Those Day Were Shortened” by Rob Robinson
Unless Those Day Were Shortened  

Play: “Where is the Promise of His Coming?” by Rob Robinson
Where is the Promise of His Coming? 

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