Living a Purposeful Life

What is the Purpose of your life?

tw_mp3_bible_study_logoAre you here on the earth to gain as much material wealth as possible? Is the reason for your life to enjoy all the pleasures that can be found, to have fun and to be happy?

Those who have chased after these things will tell you that they do not satisfy the longing of the human heart.

We were made for a purpose, when we live our life in that purpose, we find that the deepest recesses of our heart are filled and we are truly satisfied.

Paul wrote that the things that were written before, were for our learning. The examples of men and women in the Bible who were called great people of faith, often struggled with their true purpose in life.

These men and women of faith often stumbled and fell, they had moments of doubts and fears. What was it that separated these amazing men and women from the rest?

[box] If you truly want to fulfill the complete purpose for your life and find the will of God in your day to day activities, this audio study will help you achieve these lofty goals.[/box]

28 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: “Living A Purposeful Life ” by Rob Robinson
Living A Purposeful Life

Play: “A Work In Progress” by Rob Robinson
A Work In Progress

Play:”All Your Needs According to His Riches” by Rob Robinson
All Your Needs According to His Riches

Play: “Be Anxious For Nothing” by Rob Robinson
Be Anxious For Nothing

Play: “Don’t Focus on the Small Things” by Rob Robinson
Don’t Focus on the Small Things

Play: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Rob Robinson
Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Play: “I Will Dwell In Your House Forever” by Rob Robinson
I Will Dwell In Your House Forever

Play: “Yours Is An Everlasting Kingdom” by Rob Robinson
Yours Is An Everlasting Kingdom

Play: “Every Good and Perfect Gift” by Rob Robinson
Every Good and Perfect Gift

Play: “He Guides Me In The Path” Rob Robinson
He Guides Me In The Path

Play: “He Is At Your Right Hand” by Rob Robinson
He Is At Your Right Hand

Play: “He Restores My Soul” by Rob Robinson
He Restores My Soul

Play: “I Know You Can Do Everything” by Rob Robinson
I Know You Can Do Everything

Play: “It Is Yours, Now Use It” by Rob Robinson
It Is Yours, Now Use It

Play: “To Establish and Encourage You” by Rob Robinson
To Establish and Encourage You

Play: “Living Under the Fountain” by Rob Robinson
Living Under the Fountain

Play: “The End Intended By The Lord” by Rob Robinson
The End Intended By The Lord

Play: “The Lord Is My Shepherd” by Rob Robinson
The Lord Is My Shepherd

Play: “The Lord Shall Guide You” by Rob Robinson
The Lord Shall Guide You

Play: “The Perfect Will, Or The Submissive Will” by Rob Robinson
The Perfect Will, Or The Submissive Will

Play: “What Is The Purpose of My Life?” by Rob Robinson
What Is The Purpose of My Life?

Play: “Even Though I Walk Through The Valley” by Rob Robinson
Even Though I Walk Through The Valley

Play: “What Is Your Life?” by Rob Robinson
What Is Your Life?y

Play: “You Anoint My Head” by Rob Robinson
You Anoint My Head

Play:  “You Are Not In Control of Anything” by Rob Robinson
The You Are Not In Control of Anything

Play: “You Have Need of Endurance” by Rob Robinson
You Have Need of Endurance

Play: “You Prepare A Table Before Me” by Rob Robinson
You Prepare A Table Before Me

Play: “Your Rod and Your Staff They Comfort Me” by Rob Robinson
Your Rod and Your Staff They Comfort Me

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