Pastor Sanctification

Sanctification for Pastors and Teachers

tw_mp3_bible_study_logoThe manner in which we live our lives, directly impacts our ability to minister to others. The Lord has determined that He will only use those who are fully committed to Him; and desire a life that is separate from sin. How this life is accomplished, is the topic of this 10 part series.

Many people confuse holiness with perfection. Holiness is a desire to live our lives in a way that accurately reflects the true nature of Jesus Christ. As we emulate His words and deeds, and treat people in the same way that He treated them, we set ourselves apart to be used by Him.  It is not possible to be sinless. It is possible, however, to sin, less. This is the subject of these insightful studies on sanctification and being set apart for the Lord.

[box] In this 10 part series, seasoned pastors, take us through the paces of walking in Holiness before the Lord and His people.[/box]

Play: “What is Holiness?” by Louis Neely
What is Holiness?

Play: “Sanctification” by Edwin Orr

Play: “Safeguards to Holiness” by Chuck Smith
Safeguards to Holiness

Play: “Your Preparation for Holiness” by Wayne Taylor
Your Preparation for Holiness

Play: “Your Commitment to Holiness” by Chuck Smith
Your Commitment to Holiness

Play: “The Necessity of Holiness” by Malcom Wild
The Necessity of Holiness

Play: “Living the Life of Holiness” by Bill Ritchie
Living the Life of Holiness

Play: “Living Above Reproach” by Chuck Smith
Living Above Reproach

Play: “Holiness” by Steve Mays

Play: “The Fruit of Unholiness” by Joe Focht
The Fruit of Unholiness

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