Senior Pastor Roles

The Role of the Pastor or Minister

tw_mp3_bible_study_logoWhat is a Balanced Ministry? How do you raise up leaders in the church? What is true Biblical Church government? How to Implement a vision in the Ministry. Dealing with discouragement. The necessity of commitment. Church finance. and 31 addittional helps and encouragements for the Pastor and Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are just starting out in ministry or are a seasoned Senior Pastor, these 39 studies will encourage, enlighten, instruct, correct and lead you into a greater, more fruitful minstry.

[box] Join with various Calvary Chapel Pastors and Teachers as they take you throught the various subjects of what it takes to be a true minister of the Gospel.[/box]

39 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: “A Balanced Ministry” by Malcom Wild
A Balanced Ministry

Play: “Benefits Assn. for Churches and Schools” by Don Beeman
Benefits Assn. for Churches and Schools

Play:”Assistant Pastors” by Paul Havsgaard/Gaylord Tohill
Assistant Pastors

Play: “Criteria For the Minister Part 1” by Chuck Smith
Criteria For the Minister Part 1

Play: “Criteria For the Minister Part 2” by Chuck Smith
Criteria For the Minister Part 2

Play: “Criteria For the Minister Part 3” by Chuck Smith
Criteria For the Minister Part 3

Play: “Christians and the Law” by Jon Courson
Christians and the Law

Play: “Biblical Church Government” by Chuck Smith
Biblical Church Government

Play: “Marriage, Family, and the Ministry” by Wayne Taylor
Marriage, Family, and the Ministry

Play: “The Making of a Great Church” by Peter-John Courson
The Making of a Great Church

Play: “The Life Style of the Minister” by Jeff Johnson
The Life Style of the Minister

Play: “Youth” by Raul Riess

Play: “Vision in Ministry” by Mike MacIntosh
Vision in Ministry

Play: “Trusting God in the Ministry” by Chuck Smith
Trusting God in the Ministry

Play:”Struggles and Victory in the Ministry” by Bill Galatin
Struggles and Victory in the Ministry

Play: “Steps to Revival” by Mike MacIntosh
Steps to Revival

Play: “Shepherding the Flock” by Bill Ritchie
Shepherding the Flock

Play: “Selecting, Training and Firing Leadership”  by Mike Chaddick
Selecting, Training and Firing Leadership

Play: “Raising Up Leadership” by Wayne Taylor
Raising Up Leadership

Play: “The Purpose of the Church” by Chuck Smith
The Purpose of the Church

Play: “The Pastor” by Brian Brodersen
The Pastor

Play: “The Necessity of Commitment” by Chuck Smith
The Necessity of Commitment

Play: “Motivation of Ministry” by Bob Coy
Motivation of Ministry

Play: “Ministry” by Chuck Smith

Play: “The Minister Part 1” by Chuck Smith
The Minister Part 1

Play: “The Minister Part 2” by Chuck Smith
The Minister Part 2

Play: “The Minister Part 3” by Chuck Smith
The Minister Part 3

Play: “Church/Staff Relationships” by Bill Ritchie
Church/Staff Relationships

Play: “Church Practice” by Mike MacIntosh
Church Practice

Play: “Fear and Discouragement in the Ministry” by Greg Laurie
Fear and Discouragement in the Ministry

Play: “Family Relationships”  by Don McClure
Family Relationships

Play: “Faith and Vision” by Mike MacIntosh
Faith and Vision

Play: “Doing The Work” by Jon Courson
Doing The Work

Play: “Developing Strategy” by Skip Heitzig
Developing Strategy

Play: “Dealing With Discouragement” by Steve Mays
Dealing With Discouragement

Play: “Implementing a Vision” by Louis Neely
Implementing a Vision

Play: “How The Work of God is Done” by Chuck Smith
How The Work of God is Done

Play: “God’s Grace and Provision” by Chuck Smith
God’s Grace and Provision

Play: ” Finance” by Don McClure

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