Sermon Preparation

Sermon Preparation for Pastors and Teachers

tw_mp3_bible_study_logoLoving people and having a desire to minister to them is a great start, but how do we put together an effective verse by verse study through the Bible that will change a person’s heart?

Beginning with a complete reliance upon the Holy Spirt, learning and spending time with the Lord yourself, so that you might have a treasure in your own heart that you can share with others, is foundational.

The proper use of Illustrations and current events balanced with a real apllication of the Word of God, to the life of those who hear; this is the correct method that causes people to grow.

[box] The way in which we deliver the scriptures, will determine the depth of understanding that people have. If we simply teach the word, simply; the Holy Spirit can do His work and imprint the word of God into the hearts of those who hear it. Faith comes by hearing the word of God; correctly taught and applied to our lives.[/box]

13 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: “Being Careful Using Illustrations” by Steve Mays
Being Careful Using Illustrations

Play: “Giving an Evangelistic Message” by Greg Laurie
Giving an Evangelistic Message

Play: “Homiletics Part 1” by N.W. Van Cleave
Homiletics Part 1

Play: “Homiletics Part 2” by N.W. Van Cleave
Homiletics Part 2

Play: “Homiletics Part 3” by N.W. Van Cleave
Homiletics Part 3

Play: “Preaching That Connects” by Greg Laurie”
Preaching That Connects

Play: “The Holy Spirit in Sermon Preparation” by Skip Heitzig”
The Holy Spirit in Sermon Preparation

Play: “Staying Current, Keeping Fresh” by Skip Heitzig
Staying Current, Keeping Fresh

Play:”Pulpit Evangelism” by Bob Coy
Pulpit Evangelism

Play: “Teaching The Word” by Chuck Smith
Teaching The Word

Play: “Study Preparation” by Chuck Smith
Study Preparation

Play: “Expositional Teaching” by Skip Heitzig
Expositional Teaching

Play:”Plowing the Fallow Ground” by Joe Focht
Plowing the Fallow Ground

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