And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant” —Matthew 20:27

The most important quality that Jesus is seeking in all of us who love Him, is that we might be servants to one another. As He laid down His life for us, we are to lay down our lives for each other. Today, there is a tremendous need for pastors and leaders in the church to willingly serve the Body of Christ and remain humble and accessible. It is my hope that these studies in the scriptures will assist us in gaining a true perspective for our proper role in loving, teaching, healing, and encouraging the people that the Lord has entrusted to us.

[box]Our vision is to provide resources to assist and prepare pastors and their staff for effective service. We also desire to establish our unique Calvary Chapel persepective on various topics relative to ministry. From The Servant’s Call MP3 CD Collection.[/box]

23 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: “An Abiding Relationship with Christ” by Brian Brodersen
An Abiding Relationship With Christ

Play: “Self Promotion in Ministry” by Jon Courson
Self Promotion in Ministry

Play: “Being a Servant” by Romaine
Being a Servant

Play: “Being Content?” by Steve Mays
Being Content

Play: “Bitterness and Hatred” by Skip Heitzig
Bitterness and Hatred

Play: “Burden for the Ministry” by Chuck Smith
Burden for the Ministry

Play: “Characteristics of a Servant” by Chuck Smith
Characteristics of a Servant

Play: “Encouragement for the Troubled Heart” by Greg Laurie
Encouragement for the Troubled Heart

Play: “Faithfulness” by Damien Kyle

Play: “The Gift of Ministry” by Chuck Smith
The Gift of Ministry

Play: “Greed in the Ministry” by Don McClure
Greed in the Ministry

Play: “The Lust of the Flesh” by David Hocking
The Lust of the Flesh

Play: “Our Identification With Christ” by Skip Heitzig
Our Identification With Christ

Play: “The Requirements of Ministry” by Chuck Smith
The Requirements of Ministry

Play: “Servanthood Part 1” by Gayle Erwin
Servanthood Part 1

Play: “Servanthood Part 2” by Gayle Erwin
Servanthood Part 2

Play: “Servanthood Part 3” by Gayle Erwin
Servanthood Part 3

Play: “Suffering for God’s Glory” by Chuck Smith
Suffering for God’s Glory

Play: “The Jealousy of Other’s Ministry” by Chuck Smith
The Jealousy of Other’s Ministry

Play: “The Supremacy of Love” by Wayne Taylor
The Supremacy of Love

Play: “Unbelief” by Mike MacIntosh

Play: “Values in Ministry” by Don McClure
Values in Ministry

Play: “What Mattered to Our Master” by Jon Courson
What Mattered to Our Master