The Authority of the Bible

Is the Bible the Word of God? Is the Bible without Error? How was the Bible Written?

Join with Pastor’s and Bible Teachers as they explore these and other important subject regarding the Bible that are so foundatinal to our faith.

[box]There is nothing more important in our life today, than simply knowing and understanding the word of God. Without a good working knowledge of God’s Word, it is impossible to live a life that is set apart for the Lord and to know how to please Him.[/box]

16 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: “A Creationists Defense of the Bible” by Dr. Henry Morris
A Creationists Defense of the Bible

Play: “Sufficiency and Authority of the Word” by Dave Hunt
Sufficiency and Authority of the Word

Play: “The Basis for our Bible” by Chuck Smith
The Basis for our Bible

Play: “The Importance of the Word?” by Sandy Adams
The Importance of the Word

Play: “The inerrancy of the Word of God” by Dave Hunt
The inerrancy of the Word of God

Play: “The Inspiration of the Word” by Robert Furrow
The Inspiration of the Word

Play: “The More Sure Word” by Chuck Smith
The More Sure Word

Play: “The Power and Effect of the Word” by Jeff Johnson
The Power and Effect of the Word

Play: “The Power of the Word” by Jon Courson
The Power of the Word

Play: “The Word of God” by Chuck Smith
The Word of God

Play: “Every Word, God’s Word” by Rob Robinson
Every Word, God’s Word

Play: “The Fingerprints of the Holy Spirit” by Rob Robinson
The Fingerprints of the Holy Spirit

Play: “Rightly Dividing the Word” by Rob Robinson
Rightly Dividing the Word

Play: “Proven by Prophecy” by Rob Robinson
Proven by Prophecy

Play: “We Have the Prophetic Word Confirmed” by Rob Robinson
We Have the Prophetic Word Confirmed

Play: “No Scripture is of Any Private Interpretation” by Rob Robinson
No Scripture is of Any Private Interpretation