The Book of Ephesians Commentary

Instruction For Those In The Body of Christ

tw_mp3_bible_study_logoWhat should Jesus Church really be like? How are the members of the Lord’s Church supposed to conduct themselves?

The Book of Ephesians was written as an instructional manual to all those who would become a member of Jesus Church through a belief and trust in His completed work on the Cross.

The Church today is busy with all kinds of activities. We base the success of a church on the size of it’s building or the number in the Congregation, but are these really the correct criteria for measuring Jesus Church?

There were only four mandates that the Lord gave to His church, these four and these alone are what we are suppose to be growing in and focused on.

Growing correctly as a church is the focus of this important study that takes us step by step through the process of becoming the Church Jesus desires us to be.

9 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: “No Longer an Enemy, Now a Friend” by Rob Robinson
Ephesians Chapter 1

Play: “The Lord’s Masterpiece” by Rob Robinson
Ephesians Chapter 2

Play: “How Wide, How Long, How Deep” by Rob Robinson
Ephesians Chapter 3

Play: “A Life Worthy of Jesus P1” by Rob Robinson
Ephesians Chapter 4 P1

Play: “A Life Worthy of Jesus P2” by Rob Robinson
Ephesians Chapter 4 P2

Play:  “Living Like Kings and Priests” by Rob Robinson
Ephesians Chapter 4 P3

Play: “Imitating our Father” by Rob Robinson
Ephesians Chapter 5 P1

Play: “Ouch Lord, But Thanks” by Rob Robinson
Ephesians Chapter 5 P2

Play: “A Proper Defense” by Rob Robinson
Ephesians Chapter 6

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