The Book of Hebrews Commentary

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This study in the Book of Hebrews is foundational in understanding so many other important doctrines found in the Bible.

The Book of Hebrews is filled with amazing studies in the Life, Ministry, and Purposes of Jesus Christ.

Types and Pictures are given in the Book of Hebrews for Jesus’ minsitry in relationship to the Old Testament Tabernacle that Moses erected in the desert. You will learn what each part of the Tabernacle means to you today and how Jesus’ ministry is a fulfilment of the Old Testament Tabernacle.

The Book of Hebrews teaches us how we can know for certain that Jesus is God and that His claim to be the only way to heaven is really true.

22 Studies in Mp3 Audio

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Play: Hebrews 1 by Rob Robinson
God Has Spoken 

Play: Hebrews 2  by Rob Robinson
How Shall We Escape?

Play: Hebrews 3 by Rob Robinson
While It Is Called Today

Play: Hebrews 4 by Rob Robinson
No More Excuses 

Play: Hebrews 5 Part 1 by Rob Robinson
Our Great High Priest 

Play: Hebrews 5 Part 2  by Rob Robinson
Jesus Learned Obedience

Play: Hebrews 6 Part 1 by Rob Robinson
Can I Fall Away From Jesus? 

Play: Hebrews 6 Part 2 by Rob Robinson
This Changes Everything 

Play: Hebrews 7 by Rob Robinson
Able To Save To the Uttermost 

Play: Hebrews 8 by Rob Robinson
A Shadow of Heavenly Things

Play: Hebrews 9 Part 1 by Rob Robinson
A Tabernacle For You 

Play: Hebrews 9 Part 2 by Rob Robinson
In The Process of Perfect 

Play: Hebrews 9 Part 3 by Rob Robinson
A Day In Your Courts 

Play: Hebrews 9 Part 4 by Rob Robinson
Where Jesus Lives 

Play: Hebrews 10 Part 1 by Rob Robinson
I Don’t Remember 

Play: Hebrews 10 Part 2 by Rob Robinson
You Have Need of Endurance 

Play: Hebrews 11 Part 1 by Rob Robinson
Believing in the Invisible 

Play: Hebrews 11 Part 2 by Rob Robinson
Faith That Soars 

Play: Hebrews 11 Part 3 by Rob Robinson
The Prophecy of Jacob’s Sons

Play: Hebrews 12 Part 1 by Rob Robinson
Looking Unto Jesus 

Play: Hebrews 12 Part 2 by Rob Robinson
A Kingdom Not Shaken 

Play: Hebrews 13 by Rob Robinson
Jesus Will Make You Complete 

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