The Book of James Commentary

Show Me Your Works and I Will See Your Faith


James, the brother of Jesus must have had a very difficult time growing up under his big brother, Jesus. Imagine his conflicted mind in discovering that the brother he had lived with all of his life was really the Son of the Living God.

These five short chapters in the Book of James are filled with some of the most practical and useful studies in the entire New Testament.

From a study in Trials and their purpose, to Humility, Patience and Practical Faith, James brings a unique perspective not seen in any of the other Epistles or Gospels of the New Testament.

[box]Taken from Rob’s “Simply the Word” Series on Sunday Mornings without notes or Powerpoint. Just Simply Teaching through the Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to Move as He will.[/box]

6 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: James Chapter 1 by Rob Robinson
The Purpose of Trials  

Play: James Chapter 1, Part 2 by Rob Robinson
Dealing With Temptation, Anger, and Religion 

Play: James Chapter 2 by Rob Robinson
Have You Been Changed? 

Play: James Chapter 3 by Rob Robinson
Bite Your Tongue 

Play: James Chapter 4 by Rob Robinson
Where Problems Come From 

Play: James Chapter 5  by Rob Robinson
Establishing Your Heart 

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