The Book of Jude Commentary

Do You Have The Knowledge Necessary To Defend The Gospel?


Jesus had two half brothers, James and Jude by Mary and Joseph. Both of these men did not consider their close relationship with Jesus something that they should boast about. They called themselves “Bondservants” of Jesus Christ.

In the early church, false doctrine had already began to creep in causing much distress to the new believers whom Paul had already diligently taught. These teachers denied that Jesus was God in human flesh and that a person could live any kind of immoral lifestyle they chose since they were saved by Grace.

Jude’s main point was to “Contend Earnestly for the faith”. He recounts the multiple occasions in the past when the Lord has dealt strongly with those who have taught false doctrine, and he brings out facts that are not found anywhere else in the Bible except here: the struggle between Michael the archangel and satan, over the body of Moses, and the mention of the Book of Enoch.

Jude encourages us to maintain a faithful, strong walk, with Jesus and highlights his greatest encouragement: to follow Jesus closely, called, “The Blessed Hope”.

[box] Jesus is coming soon. All those who believe in and trust in Him should live their lives in such a way that they believe the Lord could come for theme at any moment.[/box]

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