The Book of Philippians Commentary

A Correct Attitude While In The Midst of Trials

tw_mp3_bible_study_logoThe real theme of Phiippians is “Rejoicing”.

Now think about this for just a moment… If you were in prison, chained to a guard, would you be rejoicing?

Paul writes to the church at Philippi while he is chained between two guards, in a prison, at Rome.

Some of the Awesome subjects that Paul teaches on in Phiippians are: “Joy triumphing over suffering, An Exhortation to meekness and unity, The humility of Jesus, How to have the same attitude that Jesus had when you are suffering.”

Jesus learned obedience by His suffering. This is the same way that we also learn obedience. When we suffer, we can identify in some small part, with the suffering that Jesus endured on the Cross for us. We do not rejoice over difficulties but we can rejoice over the final outcome; a result that will turn out for good as we quietly trust in and believe in the goodness of the Lord.

[box] These examples from the church at Philippi, are a tremendous help for us today; as we remember that all those who chose to live godly in Christ Jesus, will suffer.[/box]

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