The Book of Revelation MP3 Audio Study

Verse by Verse through the Book of Revelation with Pastor and Teacher Rob Robinson

tw_mp3_bible_study_logoThere is perhaps no other book of the Bible that commands such mystery as the Book of Revelation. These 22 chapters are written in coded language that is impossible to understand, apart from a good working knowledge of the rest of the Bible.

This study takes the listener through every verse of Revelation and explains the meaning of each coded illustration that John presents. Taught by Christian Author, Philosopher and Apologist, Robert Clifton Robinson; you will quickly discover how relevant these scriptures are to our lives today.

Would you like to be able to understand the Book of Revelation and the Events of the Last Days? What is the Rapture, the Seven Year Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon, and when will they happen?

[box]This MP3 Audio study presents the prophetic events of that will surround the return of Jesus, the introduction of the antichrist, and the the battle of Armageddon, in a vivid and easy to understand format[/box]

26 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: Revelation Chapter 1, Part 1 by Rob Robinson
The Revealing of Jesus

Play: Revelation Chapter 1, Part 2 by Rob Robinson
Too Incredible to be Chance

Play: Revelation Chapter 1, Part 3 by Rob Robinson
Behold He is Coming

Play: Revelation Chapter 2, by Rob Robinson
 Jesus Message to His Church

Play: Revelation Chapter 3, by Rob Robinson
Sardis, Philadelphia & Laodicea

Play: Revelation Chapter 4, by Rob Robinson
Come Up Here

Play: Revelation Chapter 5, by Rob Robinson
Jesus Redeems The Earth

Play: Revelation Chapter 6, by Rob Robinson
The Tribulation Begins

Play: Revelation Chapter 7, by Rob Robinson
In Wrath, Remember Mercy

Play:Revelation Chapter 8, by Rob Robinson
Sounding The Seven Trumpets

Play: Revelation Chapter 9, by Rob Robinson
The Plagues of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets

Play: Revelation Chapter 10, by Rob Robinson
A Pause to Encourage

Play: Revelation Chapter 11, by Rob Robinson
Measure The Temple

Play: Revelation Chapter 12, by Rob Robinson
A Woman Clothed With The Sun

Play:Revelation Chapter 13, by Rob Robinson
Who Is The Antichrist

Play: Revelation Chapter 14, by Rob Robinson
Not One Will Be Lost

Play: Revelation Chapter 15, by Rob Robinson
Great and Marvelous Are Your Works

Play: Revelation Chapter 16, Part 1, by Rob Robinson
The Battle of Armageddon

Play:Revelation Chapter16, Part 2, by Rob Robinson
When Gods Patience Runs Out

Play: Revelation Chapter 17, Part 1, by Rob Robinson
The Destruction of Religion

Play: Revelation Chapter 17, Part 2, by Rob Robinson
A Woman Rides The Beast

Play: Revelation Chapter 18, by Rob Robinson
Everything That Can Be Shaken

Play: Revelation Chapter 19, by Rob Robinson
A Bride, A Dinner, A Return, and A Kingdom

Play: Revelation Chapter 20, by Rob Robinson
No More Excuses

Play: Revelation Chapter 21, by Rob Robinson
Your House Is Ready

Play: Revelation Chapter 22, by Rob Robinson
I Am Coming Quickly

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