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What is the basis that God used to offer you salvation?

When the angels sinned, God presented no plan of salvation to them. One of the greatest mysteries of the universe is that God did present a wonderful plan of redemption to the son’s of Adam. So that the Lord might display to all creation His magnificent Grace, He offered every person the opportunity to have all their sins forgiven and obtain eternal life. In order for God to be able to accomplish this incredible task, He had to find a righteous basis to forgive the sins of man. In order to grant us the forgiveness of our sins, the penalty that was due must be paid. Instead of insisting that each one of us must pay the penalty ourselves, God punished His Son instead. Jesus did this willingly and with full knowledge of the great cost. It was because of God’s Love that He allowed His Son to die for us. How this is accomplished and the method whereby God conveys this pardon of sins to us, is the subject of the Book of Romans.

The Lord said that “The soul that sins will surely die“. In order to satisfy this requirement of the law, there had to be a payment made for the debt that was owed. What was it that Jesus did that fully satisfed the law and made the believer Sinless and Righteous?

This series was recorded Live in 1999 before the body of believers at Calvary Chapel during the early years of Rob’s Teaching Ministry.

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[box] The Book of Romans details the basic essentials of how God can forgive the sins of a human being and make them righteous without violating His own Law.[/box]

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