The Book of Titus Commentary

Ordering, Organizing, and Conducting Ministry in Jesus Church

tw_mp3_bible_study_logoTitus was the traveling companion of Paul during the time when he journeyed to the Island of Crete. This new community of believers became the first missionary outreach of Jesus new church. While on Crete, Paul later writes to Titus that he should “Set things in order”.

In other words, “Make sure Jesus church is well organized, functions properly under the leading of the Holy Spirit and do everything decently and in order.”

The Bible states that Jesus is the Creator of all things, and as such, He is a very detailed and orderly God..

He desires that His church should be well organized and available to bless the lives of human beings who come in contact with it.

In this important 4 hours study, Paul will instruct Titus on the subjects of: The qualifications and duties of Elders, The ministry of the Pastor, and instruction in Godly living.

The Book of Titus also covers the important subject of “Sound Doctine” and the fact that truth is always very narrow and defined. The Bible describes the fact that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and that truth, is always absolute.

One other interesting and exciting doctrine that Titus covers is that of the “Glorious Appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.” There is a detailed topical study included, that explains the specifics of the doctrine of the “Rapture of the Church” and answers many of the objections of skeptics who claim that the Rapture is not taught in the Bible.

[box] These mini studies in the New Testament are referred to as “Pastoral Epistles,” because of their great value to anyone who seeks to be a good overseer of Jesus Church.[/box]

4 Studies in Mp3 Audio

Play: Titus Chapter 1 “The Servant of God” by Rob Robinson
The Servant of God

Play: Titus Chapter 2 Part 1 “Rock or Sand?” by Rob Robinson
Rock or Sand

Play: Titus Chapter 2 Part 2 “The Blessed Hope” by Rob Robinson
The Blessed Hope

Play: Titus Chapter 3 “Make Us A Garden For You” by Rob Robinson
Make Us A Garden For You

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