The Non-Theist, Materialist, and Humanist Claim of Man's Evolution as a Moral Being


This world cries out for “Peace,” but in all the history of man upon the earth, there has never been a sustained period of time in which peace reigned.

In the last 3,000 years of man’s recorded history, there has only been 286 years without a war. There have been over 15,000 wars resulting in 4 billion deaths.[1]

For the humanist, materialist, and non-theist, this record is a stunning indictment upon the premise that man is evolving into a more civilized and peaceful species.[1a] In fact, the opposite is true. As time progresses, men simply develop more creative ways to kill other men. The Biblical view of man as a fallen being, who is incapable of peace, is precisely what the evidence validates. Unless God intervenes in the history of mankind, we would certainly annihilate our species and destroy the earth.

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Robin Williams: Life is not a Joke

When a celebrity such as Robin Williams passes from this world, there are many who site their contributions to the lives of people. In the case of Robin, it was his humor that the world remembers. Sadly, this planet and the people who inhabit it, are often focussed on superficial things and matters that have little or no eternal value.

Like many people, I loved Robin’s uncanny ability to move from one subject to the next at light speed—making fun of the frailties and foolishness of many subjects of human life.

Sadly, life is not a joke, and the brief time that we have here on earth is over very quickly. The issues that Robin faced which are the alleged cause of his depression—were not the true cause of his early death. It is often the case that those who need the most help, deflect their own sorrow by making light of their struggles and never really deal with the core issues of their sadness.

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