The Book of Revelation Study Guides by Rob Robinson

For the past 41 years, Rob has been teaching through the Book of Revelation in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Throughout this time, the text of this important book has consistently maintained a great degree of interest from people all over the world. For this reason, you will find The Complete MP3 Audio Study of Revelation on this site.

This page displays an index for Study Guides that detail the Book of Revelation. These notes closely follow the Audio Lectures on The Book of Revelation that are available here at The Word MP3.

Chapter 1: Part 1: “The Revealing of Jesus”
Chapter 1: Part 2: “Too Incredible to be Chance”
Chapter 1: Part 3: “Behold He Is Coming”
Chapter 2: “Jesus Message to His Church”
Chapter 3: “Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea”
Chapter 4: “Come Up Here”
Chapter 5: “Jesus Redeems The Earth”.
Chapter 6: “The Tribulation Begins”
Chapter 7: “In Wrath, Remember Mercy”
Chapter 8: “Sounding the Seven Trumpets”
Chapter 9: “The Plagues of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets”
Chapter 10: “A Pause To Encourage”
Chapter 11: “Measure The Temple”
Chapter 12: “A Woman Clothed With The Sun”
Chapter 13: “Who Is The Antichrist?”
Chapter 14: “Not One Will Be Lost”.
Chapter 15: “Great and marvelous Are Your Works”
Chapter 16: Part 1: “The Battle of Armageddon”
Chapter 16, Part 2: “When God’s Patience Runs Out”
Chapter 17: Part 1: “The Destruction of Religion”
Chapter 17: Part 2: “A Woman Rides The Beast”
Chapter 18: “Everything That Can Be Shaken”
Chapter 19: “A Bride, A Dinner, A Return, and a Kingdom”
Chapter 20: “No More Excuses”
Chapter 21: “Your House Is Ready”
Chapter 22: “I Am Coming Quickly”